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Frequently Asked Questions
1. How many technicians and customers can we have using Hot Help Desk?
Unlike most help desk software vendors, we do not charge you extra for having more users. With Hot Help Desk, you can have UNLIMITED customers and technicians.

2. Can Hot Help Desk create tickets from emails?
Yes! Hot Help Desk fully supports the POP3 protocol for retrieving emails, and automatically turns them into support tickets for you. No longer will you be stuck copying and pasting from your email to your support system. Customer and support staff can even append to existing tickets by simply responding to any of the email notifications Hot Help Desk sends out.

3. Can we customize Hot Help Desk to look more like our own web site?
Yes! You can easily add your own logo to the customer portal. Hot Help Desk is open.

4. What databases does Hot Help Desk support?
Hot Help Desk works with MS SQL 2005 Server and MS SQL 2005 Express Edition (the free, lighter version of MS SQL Server).

5. What are the System Requirements to run Hot Help Desk?
Hot Help Desk is written in HTML and ASP.Net 2.0, which requires a machine running a Windows server OS (WinNT, Windows 2000, Windows 2003) and IIS (which is built in to all Windows server OS's). The .Net 2.0 framework is also required.

6. Does any software need to be installed on the users' computers?
No. Nothing has to be installed on the computers of those accessing Hot Help Desk. All they need is a web browser. The customer portal and live support chat are browser independent, supporting all major browsers. The technician and administration portals require IE 5+, because of some of the advanced Javascript required to make the interfaces so flexible and easy to use.

7. How much training will our employees need?
Hot Help Desk has one of the most intuitive interfaces of any help desk application available, so very little training is needed. All features and functions are available on a simple interface, so your staff won't have to go searching through countless pages to find what they need. Many features have pop-up tool tips and prompts to help direct them on what is needed to complete a task.

8. Why do we sell Hot Help Desk at such a low cost?
Many other vendors charge thousands of dollars for applications that can't do half of what Hot Help Desk does. It has always been our mission to provide a better support solution at a better price. Why should companies have to spend half of their profits supporting their customers when they can get a powerful, easy to use solution like Hot Help Desk at such an incredible price?

9. Is there a demo version available?
Yes! To view the free online demos, go to the Demo Page. Unlike most other vendors, we will never require that you give us any of your personal information just to see our product in action. Just click on the provided links and begin using Hot Help Desk instantly.