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The Hot Help Desk offer two type editions, installable edition and hosted edition. With installable edition, you can download and install the software package on your web server, and partially customize Hot Help Desk to look more like your web site, you can access it with your domain. With hosted edition, you can apply a help desk on our server, and store data in our database. In such circumstances, you needn't purchase new domain, nor new hosting. what you need to do is just visit it.
Hosted Edition:
1. When you visit online help desk for the first time, you need create a new help desk at registration web page, you need accept our term by clicking I Accept button, then fill in some information in the form for create account, finally you will get 3 URLs, the one URL is for customer help desk, the second URL is the entrance of administrator, the third URL is the entrance of technician.
2. With customer help desk URL, customers can submit problems, browse and reply tickets, etc.
3. With administrator URL, the administrator can setup desk, custom preferences, manage technicians, etc.
4. With technician URL, the technician can browse and reply tickets, etc.

Installable Edition:
1. First you need download the software package, and you need a ASP.Net 2.0 hosting with Microsoft SQL 2005 server or Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express. the database with the software package is SQL server 2005 express, if your server install SQL 2005 standard edition or higher, you need upgrade the express datadase to standard.
2. Modify connectionStrings in web.config according to your database setup.
3. Upload all file to a sub folder of your website and set the sub folder as application folder.
4. Apply a sub domain and make the sub domain to point the sub folder, so you can use the sub domain to access the help desk.

How to Use:
Click one of left menus, you can Submit TicketView Knowledge Base, Download FilesBrowse Latest Company News and etc..